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Atlanta's RRest self-titled debut available October 8th


On October 8th, Wes Ables and Andrew Teems will release their debut, self-titled record for their Atlanta based project, RRest. They’ve successfully combined lush, dreamy pop with darker, melancholy subjects that lend a feeling of profundity to their music. However, in an interview with Paste Magazine, Ables says that the relationship between music and lyrical subject happened almost spontaneously.

“We were just free with this record—we acted on spontaneous emotion. It’s more of a feeling than anything intelligible or thought-out. We were trying to capture the urgency and newness of these songs, recording them as fast as we could, no matter how shitty the equipment.”

RRest’s lo-fi, tranquil “Sandy” is laden with warm, luxurious synth pads that accompany a folky acoustic guitar, driving the song forward into a tranquil and harmonious space. Ables’s vocals are modest, sheepish almost, but it only serves to add to the honesty in his lyrics.

RRest will be playing at the Earl on October 11th in support of their self-titled debut alongside Book Club and Sea Fix. Their album will be available on October 8th.