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Big Jesus full-length debut, One


written by DAKIN ANDONE


One, the debut full-length by Atlanta rock outfit Big Jesus is due out tomorrow, November 5th. The album--recorded at Glow in the Dark by Matt Goldman and mixed by Mike Sapone--will feature nine-tracks of progressive, melodically charged rock and roll.

The single, “Shards”, has been the only track released from One, and it’s immediately drawn my attention to the quartet (C.J. Ridings, Thomas Gonzalez, Spencer Ussery, Aaron Wamack) and their collection of songs, which have drawn comparisons to the similar sounding bands of the 90s. However, despite the heavy qualities that those bands and Big Jesus share, the sound is refreshing. The guys have managed to take a sound that’s about twenty years old, put a spin on it, and make it their own.

Big Jesus will be playing Center Stage Theater on November 27. One is available on November 5, on CD and online.

UPDATE: Five days ago, Big Jesus released a second track, found here on Latest Disgrace.