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Emily Kopp, Serendipity Find Me


Serendipity Find Me is the debut full-length of singer-songwriter Emily Kopp, a 23 year old that hails from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Kopp writes some of the more honest, revelatory pop songs I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and her vocals paired with the pop-infused ensemble make for a truly serendipitous experience.


The opening track, “Flying Blind”, is a catchy piano-rock tune showcasing Kopp’s bluesy voice, which lends itself to the likes of Sara Bareilles. The harmonies, acoustic guitar, piano, everything make you yearn for the summer days that are now gone until next year.

“Thicker Than Blood” features a driving bass line grooving throughout the song. Lyrically, “Thicker” is expertly crafted with Kopp singing about her desire for a significant other: “I’m not crazy, don’t you think that maybe your blood runs through me just to keep me alive?”

“Can’t Catch Me” is even further reminiscent of the blues, with classic blues chord progressions and traditional style guitar riffs throughout.

Admittedly, I don’t enjoy most pop singer-songwriters, but Emily Kopp is most certainly the exception. Serendipity Find Me isn’t the album that the average 23-year-old would record, but that only proves that we have something special with Kopp.


Kopp will be playing tonight, October  25, at Eddie's Attic in support of her debut release.

by Dakin Andone