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Future Islands - Singles


written by DAKIN ANDONE

indieATL last saw Future Islands in 2010 when frontman and dance extraordinaire Samuel Herring and company stopped by DAEL and played a set featuring their song “Inch of Dust.” The four-piece has always enjoyed a dedicated following but in the last several months they have benefited from coverage by mainstream outlets, no doubt due to their prolific performance on David Letterman.

Their latest album Singles is being released today on 4AD Records--Future Islands’ new home label--and it’s clear that the recognition being afforded these gentlemen is well-deserved. While the 10-track record remains true to the group’s lively and infectious pop that has brought them their fame, Singles is a refreshing follow-up to 2011’s On The Water.

Perhaps Singles could be swept into the category of 80’s-revival with many of the talented (and not-so talented) acts that are cashing in on the nostalgia of the synth-driven decade. However, it’s obvious that Herring is too unique and progressive to be found under any single adjective outside of “genius.” Throughout the record,  he breaks new ground and sets a challenging standard for lyrical content in synth-pop with lyrics that are honest and carry meaning.  

Many of the songs are spent celebrating the subject of his affections, praising and protecting her virtuosity. The orchestration of the third track, “Sun in the Morning,” feels astral and ethereal, which only lends itself to the poetry that Herring croons while celebrating her brilliance: “Sun in the morning, my sun every morning, my star of the evening, my moon always beaming.”

Singles was released on March 24/25 on 4AD Records. It can be bought on iTunes and is available for streaming via Spotify.