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Ski Lodge Debut Album BIG HEART



Ski Lodge is an interesting name for New Yorker Andrew Marr’s current musical project. It evokes images of powdery slopes and warm respites from relentless winters. In contrast, Big Heart  (2013)—Ski Lodge’s debut album—is a parade of summery, energetic music. Marr and his band flex their surfer rock strengths through the 11 cheerful tracks of Big Heart.

The 26 year old multi-instrumentalist has drawn a reasonable amount of comparison to Morrisey due to his soaring croon (Andrew/Johnny Marr probably has something to do with it as well). As a lyricist, Marr knows how to touch the heart and social insecurities. In “Just to Be Like You”—Big Heart’s leading single—Marr discusses a relationship with a father figure (or lack thereof), singing, “Oh, just to be like you / Is all I ever wanted to be. / Scared and uncommitted to the truth / That’s what I thought I should be.”