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Top 10 Cousin Dan GIFs

We here at indieATL are lucky enough to have seen a lot of Cousin Dan over the past couple years.

Really lucky.

Really lucky.

So lucky, that we felt like we needed to share even more of the goodness that is Cousin Dan. In an effort to bring you some of indieATL's best Cousin Dan moments, we present you this collection of the top Cousin Dan GIFs you can find. 

Top 10 Cousin Dan GIFs

We've recorded Cousin Dan performing live at the Atlanta Film Festival 2012 concert at the Goat Farm. We've shot a Cousin Dan performance at the Star Bar for our 5th anniversary party. We've filmed Cousin Dan perform at the Highland Ballroom. He's even graced our event as a DJ at the Sound & Vision Experience for the Atlanta Film Festival 2013.

And most recently, we recorded Cousin Dan sing and swagger on top of this super-secret rooftop in downtown Atlanta (video out October 7).  Check out the teaser below.