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Deer Bear Wolf Reveals Lineup for First Music Festival

Atlanta curator Davy Minor might best be known for his management of the popular local music blog, Ohmpark. For six years he chronicled the local music scene, archiving what would be the equivalent to decades in the blogoshpere, covering everything from albums to music videos to concerts. Ohmpark became a central piece to the thriving music environment that is centralized in Atlanta thanks to its creator's extensive coverage of local happenings and participants.

Even still, Minor decided to give Ohmpark a rest in the summer of last year, not sure what he was going to do next. 

Seven months later he revealed his newest project, Deer Bear Wolf, a new quarterly publication and blog that focuses not only on music but on other forms of artistic expression as well, such as literature and art. In addition, Minor also promises a record label, small press publisher, and an online store that allows people to purchase the works covered and involved in the magazine and beyond.

All in all, this undertaking may just be Atlanta's ideal creative journal fully realized.

Today, Deer Bear Wolf unveiled its first music festival, taking place at 529 on Saturday, August 23rd, featuring a collage of Atlanta's foremost experimental and electronic acts, including (but definitely not limited to) 10th Letter, NO EYES, Breathers, indieATL alums On Holiday, Vera Vera, Tantrum, and Suno Deko. 

Will you be there?