Jonathan Splitlog

Jonathan Splitlog
Graphic Design/Web/Stills

Jonathan is the graphic designer, webmaster, and still photographer for indieATL. A graphic design student at GSU; he joined the crew in 2013.  

Get to know Jonathan: 

Q: How would you describe yourself? 

A: A handsome man who is wasting away in front a computer. 

Q: Favorite music genre? 

A: I'm an indie rocker at heart. 

Q: Favorite indieATL band? 

A: Tikka 

Q: Current hobbies/interests? 

A: Making weird line art/photograph animations of pictures I take of my friends. Books and comic books are swell too.

Q: If you could shoot a superhero themed music video, which band would it be with?

A: Andrew Jackson Jihad doing a really chaotic Batman music video. Mostly just them breaking things while dressed as Batman.

Q: Did you really make this entire site, is such a thing even possible? Did you type this question?

A: Yes.