Kelly Stroup

Kelly Stroup
Camera Operator

Kelly is a camera operator and video editor for indieATL. A GSU film student and local musician; Kelly joined the indieATL crew in 2012. 

Get to know Kelly:

Q: How would you describe yourself? 

A:  I’m an easy going, yet hardworking guy that cares a lot about film and my local music scene.

Q: Favorite genre of music? 

A:  Everything from hardcore punk to soul to Hawaiian slide-guitar.

Q: Current hobbies/interests? 

A: I’m currently interested in the local film scene as well as the music scene and play in two bands, Manic and Ralph, and we play shows around Atlanta as well as around the country.  

Q: If you could play backup instruments to any band what would it be?

A: It's a toss up between Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Ramones, or Otis Redding.