Matthew Mammola

Matthew Mammola
Associate Producer

Matthew Mammola—know around indieATL as just Mammola—is an associate producer at indieATL. After graduating from UGA in 2008 with a degree in Communications and Video Production, Mammola joined our crew in 2011. He is a Graduate Lab Assistant at D.A.E.L. at Georgia State University (where he is currently pursuing his M.A.). 

Mammola is our main jib operator and one of our editors. He is probably responsible for any spectacular sweeping crane shots you see in our videos. When he isn't manning the jib or occupying the editing room, Mammola enjoys improv comedy with his troupe in Atlanta.

Get to know Mammola:

Q: How would you describe yourself? 

A: Generally, a jolly soul. I fall under the classification of three of twelve categories of people, and all of them are positive. That's what I was told by an online personality profile test, at least. 

Q: Which musician would you want to play in a game of racquetball?

A:  Andrew W. K - we’d talk about it the next day in his Party Hour

Q: Current interests/hobbies?

A: Developing advanced technical skills. 

Figuring out how to get things done. 

Improvisational Comedy 

Binging on TV series while they're in their last season so I can watch the end along with the rest of the nation.