A Fight to the Death

A Fight to the Death

"Grant Park"

"On their first album, A Fight to the Death might have been more notable for their unique mix of styles (Americana, jazz, gypsy, Latin) than they were for their songs. Not so much anymore. This time around, that disparate blend of influences has coalesced into some pretty amazing tracks. Personal favorites are "Echoes," "Scissors,"and "Grant Park." At their best, they combine the strongest qualities of Murder by Death (dusty barroom narratives) with those of Beirut (seamless combination of exotic styles)." 


"Organ and accordion over bass and harmonized vocals make the record incredibly easy to listen to and invites the listener to delve deep. It's not simply summer pop, but it's not the late night cry yourself to sleep sort of release either. Sing along or listen closely; this is one CD which should be tried out by a wide and varied audience as many people will enjoy different complementary parts of A Fight to the Death and its latest release of Gesture Of A Gentleman." 

—Atlanta Music Guide, 6/1/10