"La Cobra"

Stallone started when Juan Montoya [currently of MonstrO, formerly of Torche] met drummer Evan Diprima at work in 2009 in Atlanta, GA.  After playing some tunes together for self-entertainment at a friend's house, they realized that a creative energy had revealed itself. Without a general direction in mind, Montoya and Diprima put together a Frankenstein of ideas that would later turn into a completed vision.

Thinking of Stallone as only a kind of recording project, the then duo recorded a handful of songs with Craig Carlson in October of 2010. They enjoyed and believed in the music that they were making in the studio and decided to form a full band that could perform the material live. Stallone then became a serious endeavor.

In late 2011, after searching through a number of people, Thomas Gonzalez and C.J. Ridings fit the bill, joining as second guitarist and bassist. As a full band, Stallone sounds more powerful than ever. With four members and an unyielding vision of music without pretension, Stallone is set to sail smoothly through today's ever growing and constantly blending music scene.

The music focuses on riff oriented, drop-tuned melodies combined with an uplifting expression of aggressive energy. The instrumental aspect of Stallone will take you to a place of your own mental design that mirrors the very tone set by the music itself -- a thrashing, thunderous, sludgy, metallic throwback to the golden days of metal with a feel good outer lining.