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Adron, Kenosha Kid, Frosted Orange @ the EARL 7/31

A sense of giddy anticipation fills you. You take a moment of pause, to register the true depth and scope of the words on the screen in front of you, and you vow to yourself that from this moment forward you will strive to be worthy of the wonders this life bestows. Marking your calendar with the most sparkle-enhanced gel pen in your Trapper Keeper, you wonder how you will ever manage to pass the days head, which seem endless, homogenous and positively devoid of sparkle in comparison to that which awaits.





Adron, nom de guerre of Adrienne McCann, who was named Best Songwriter of 2012 by the Atlanta Creative Loafing, is rapidly being recognized as one of the most uniquely gifted songwriters and vocalists of this generation. Her music seamlessly blends Classical harmony with the playfulness of ‘60s Brazilian Tropicàlia, the earnestness and sentiment of songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson, and the cerebral sincerity of the hymn song. In 2011, her newest album Organismo was voted by Atlanta’s Creative Loafing magazine as #1 Album of the Year. “By combining elements of surreal, personal narratives and her quasi-Brazilian-style strum, Adron’s songs were at once baroque and hypnotic.” –Creative Loafing

Adron’s music is infused with an international texture and a remarkably vintage, yet highly original and polished modern sound. While being able to craft songs with acumen and maturity, she also possesses an understanding of harmony both keen and innocent. She adds to her songs a unique array of embellishments such as birdcalls and other vocalizations, and sings eloquently in three languages. Her youthful exuberance and adroit musicianship together form a style both distinctive and pleasing, but it is her rare ability to meld genre, geography, and musical epochs that reveal the true breadth of Adron’s talent. "Born as it is out of a true love for tradition, Adron's inclusion of world music elements never feels trite or tacked on; her music is as warm and spirited as the cultures that have inspired it." -Flagpole


Based in the humid indie-rock haven of Athens, Georgia, Kenosha Kid has supplied the world with their own unique blend of modern-jazz-meets-college-radio for over a decade. In 2004, after several weeks study and improvisation at the Banff Centre for the Arts, bandleader Dan Nettles emerged with a flame of inspiration, a host of new collaborators and an invigorated sense of purpose: Build a scene, write for people you know, and listen to your creative heart regardless of music idiom. Returning to Athens, Nettles did just that, which became the beginning of Kenosha Kid.

Starting with the release of Projector [2005], Kenosha Kid has provided a steady string of content: a DVD/CD package featuring an all-new score for Buster Keaton’s silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr [2008], the vinyl release of Fahrenheit [2009], which is ten selections inspired by Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic, and the creation of an extensive Bandcamp archive which houses over 40 live shows.

Their newest album, Inside Voices (March 2015) showcases the telepathic core trio of Dan Nettles, Robby Handley and Marlon Patton alongside a formidable horn section comprised of Nettles’ Banff colleagues trumpeter Jacob Wick, alto saxophonist Peter Van Huffel and tenor/bari saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi. A companion record, Outside Choices, recorded during the same week in Athens, is due out in 2016.

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