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On Holiday, Rrest, Places, Gold-Bears @ The Earl

It's Damon Moon's One Year Anniversary joining The Cottage Recording Studio in East Atlanta and we're celebrating with a preview of what's to come; four bands recorded here at The Cottage releasing albums in 2014!

Come join us December 19th to buy Damon a beer and see new material from four great Atlanta bands: On Holiday (members of This Piano Plays Itself), Rrest, Places Gold-Bears (Slumberland Records).



Grown out of a love of home recordings The Cottage was born to bridge a gap for musicians and songwriters between their safe and creative bedroom recording spaces and sterile and expensive recording studios. A place to feel familiar in while still having access to high end recording gear and a collection of vintage instruments.

Located on 3 acres just south of the East Atlanta Village the property with its stone quarry, 40 foot cliffs and backyard rope swing, feels like a mountain retreat or your grandparents house more then a recording studio.

"It reminded me of my home or my bedroom [and] how I began recording," Luciano Giarrano, owner and head engineer, says. "It triggered memories of when and how I grew a love for music. That feeling is common to so many musicians that I hoped the Cottage in some small way could recreate that and thusly impact the level of creativity."

Part recording studio, part record label and part DIY venue Luciano hopes that "The Cottage [has become] a place where creative people, that in many other circumstances might not come together, do. Cross genre, cross subculture, cross personality — in those circumstances, interesting and important things can happen."
-Creative Loafing